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Visionary Circle Legacy Society

The San Antonio Area Foundation has created the Visionary Circle legacy society to recognize and thank those who, through their estate or financial plans, ensure that the important charitable work they support today will continue in the future.

Visionary Circle Planned Gifts Include:

  • Making a bequest through a Will
  • Naming the Area Foundation as the beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy or Retirement Plan
  • Designation the Area Foundation as the beneficiary of a Charitable Trust or Gift Annuity

Visionary Circle Members:

  • Are recognized  at special events and in Area Foundation publications and the Area Foundation website (unless given anonymously)
  • Help ensure the future of our community
Jay L. Adelman Bill and Molly Asher
Stuart and Betty Jean Dooley Awbrey
Isabelle Badouh
Jamie Barshop
Elsa Barshop
Glenn and Gisele Bernard
Lila R. Brehm Charitable Lead Trust
Dee Ann Bridges
Dr. Willis Brown, Jr. and Elizabeth Brown
Calvin Buchholtz, Jr.
Lee and Christine Schmid Cabibi
Sue Caldwell
Barbara Candler
Gary and Pam Chambers
Lee and Cecilia Childress
Tom Christal
Dr. Pamela Christian
Liz Conklyn
Phyllis Conrad
Evelyn Cooper
Rose Marie Cutting
Albert and Claire DeLauro
Glenn Dennis Trust
Heather C. Diehl and J. F. Bierlein
Sue Dodson
Seymour and Jane Dreyfus
Francis Bowie Duncan, II and Helen Duncan
Carl I. Duncan
Howard D. Engleman and Dr. Lorna L. Engleman
Dr. Robert M. Esterl, Jr.
Dr. Sylvia P. Fernandez and Raul Fernandez
Colonel Stephen R. Fischer, Ph.D., USAF (Ret.)
Bertie Frank
Pauline S. Freberg
T. Paul Furukawa, Ph.D
Alicia Z. Galvan
John S. Gutzler and Sarah Harte
Raymond and Patricia Hannigan
John and Caroline Hill
Priscilla Hill-Ardoin and James Ardoin, Jr.
Dr. Linda J. Holley and Lon Taylor
David and Rebecca Holmes
Sterlin Holmesly
Lonnie Howard
Drs. Penn and Carlayne Jackson
Dr. Norman L. Jacobson
Rosemary Jasso
Roquey and Anna Jobes
Curtis R. Johnson
Concha Jones
Wister H. Kampmann
Xonia Kargl
William Kromer
Joyce Krueger
Anne C. Larme
James Lazarus, Ph.D. and Dr. Susan L. Gersnenhorn
James Letchworth
Dr. Ruth Lofgren
Helen McAllister
Meredith McGuire, Ph.D.
Marlene Merritt
Dr. John V. Mumma and Judy Jay Mumma
Henry R. Muñoz, III
Keith and Pat Orme
Major General Susan L. Pamerleau, USAF (Ret.)
Donna Parker
Brad J. Parman Philip and Sallie Steves Peacock
Claire Pronovost
Mary Quandt
Edwin P. Riley, Jr.
Noel Robin
Lee Rodriguez and Gerry Frost
Leo and Chickie Rose
Larry W. Rosenberger, Jr. and Diana Rosenberger
Nancy Russell
Dr. Deanna Schupbach
Patricia S. Scott
Joseph A. Soane
Doris Barshop Spector
Paul and Sue Spellman
Kevin and Karen Steingart
Barbara H. Steward
Bert C. Striegler
John T. Suggs, Jr. and Karen Suggs
Tom Thomas
Kathy Toyoda
Denise Trujillo
Dorothy R. Wilson
James and Juanita Wittmer
For more information, email Lisa Brunsvold, Vice President, Development & Donor Services, or phone 210.228.3760.


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The San Antonio Area Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals for the greater benefit of the community.

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